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Julie Carter

Knowing Your Investments

February 3, 2016

For business owners, those close to retirement and individuals with investment capital, inheritance or windfalls, it is probably not enough to hold and pay into a standard savings account. There are many routes to increasing your savings and meeting associated long and short term objectives with minimal risk but with many high street banks and building societies no longer providing investment advice setting your sights on better personal finance can be a daunting prospect.

Read on to discover the steps you should follow in your search for investment success.

Understand the three factors of investment

There are generally three factors to consider before you part with your hard earned capital – your goals, the timescale and the risk – only by understanding each of these can you make sound decisions as an investor. Setting clear goals is the first step, after all what you want to achieve will define the best route for investment. The time frame of your investment will also determine the most apt product for you, so identify whether goals are short term or long term as well as considering your age and health.

The risk factor associated with your investment approach is also worth taking the time to understand. Some markets and investment routes are more volatile than others, making them less suitable for those whose earning capacity has diminished, i.e. individuals who have retired or are approaching retirement age.

Assess your affordability

By only investing what you can afford you will be protecting yourself from the pitfalls that many investors face. Only use ‘spare cash’ to invest ensuring that you and your family have the funds to cover living costs and contribute to separate savings and pension provisions.

Call on the professionals

As a leading independent financial advice specialist in Buxton, Slater Financial offers the latest, greatest and most up-to-date savings and investments information so you can take a proactive approach to planning ahead. Enlisting the help of an industry insider is a must when investing for personal or corporate finance purposes, and with a free 90 minute consultation available from us finding an investment route that suits your individual circumstances is easier than ever.

Contact our independent financial advice team today on 01298 212444 to discuss your requirements.

*This article does not constitute financial advice. Slater financial strongly advises you to seek professional advice before making any financial decisions.*