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Case Studies

Case Studies

There are many ways in which you can benefit from sound, cost effective financial advice and you’ll find specific details within our services pages. View the case studies below to see how we can help with mortgages, pensions, investments and insurance.


Mr P – High Peak    – Pension Transfer
– needed to take control of his pension planning as he was faced with a dilemma after his company pension experienced severe difficulties.  He needed to protect his remaining pension monies and ensure they were invested cautiously as he was within 10 years of his expected retirement.   Mr P has been able to achieve this with Slater Financial through a combination of regular reviews, fund switching and sound investment strategies.  In fact his portfolio is now showing significant gains (49.5 %) in 6 and a half years despite his cautious approach and the lengthy period of economic and market volatility we have endured recently.


Mr T – Staffordshire – Pension Drawdown
our client had a significant pension fund and wanted to access some of his tax free cash for a property venture.  However he didn’t want to draw an income just yet, in fact he was unhappy about the prospect of exchanging his hard earned pension savings for an annuity from an insurance company at all.

Slater Financial were able to recommend a transfer into a pension drawdown arrangement and researched the market for competitive terms for their client. This caters for all the clients current requirements and will enable him to keep control of his own pension savings pot indefinitely.


Mr D – Derbyshire – Annuity
Mr D had decided it was time to start drawing his pension after saving in a personal  pension with an insurance company for many years.  However rather than taking his annuity with his current provider, the client consulted with Slater Financial about investigating his open market option, and it transpired that Mr D had some health problems in the past.   We were able to explain the theory behind ill- health/ impaired life annuities and researched the market to obtain the best offers for the client.  As a result, Mr Ds new annuity will provide an extra 30% income every month for the remainder of his life.


Mr J – Dove Holes – Annuity
Mr J wanted to know where to obtain the best annuity rates, as he had been advised these were his best option. After a thorough investigation into his circumstances, he now realises this is not the case and is delighted Salter Financial explained the mechanics of drawdown to him.


Miss R – London – ISA review and Transfer
Miss R was unhappy with the performance of her existing ISA and asked Phil Slater to advise on a possible ISA Transfer.  Thanks to her aggressive risk profile, proactive reviews and regular fund switches ever since, her ISA now looks considerably healthier, showing an incredible increase of approx 158 % in 9 years. No wonder we get new client referrals from her.


Miss J – London – Investment Bond
Miss J had surplus funds in deposit investments and asked Phil Slater for recommendations for a cautious investment with better growth potential.

Our client can now relax in retirement knowing her monies have grown by  77% in 9 years and can now be used to supplement her pension income.


Mr & Mrs D  – Buxton – Investment review/Bond
Asked Phil Slater  for help with their investments that had suffered significant losses at their local bank.  Since 2004, their existing portfolio had lost 24% (£82000) and no ongoing support or assistance to rectify the situation was being provided.

Just three years later, they were delighted that Slater Financial had reorganised their portfolio and it had fully recovered and is now showing a profit of  29% on the initial investment. What a great turnaround!


Mr P –  Derbyshire –  Portfolio analysis and rebalance
– Mr P asked Slater Financial to help reorganise his portfolio of over 20 different investments as they were becoming too time consuming and difficult to oversee.

Not a problem.  A new consolidated portfolio was created to simplify matters and improve performance with live valuations available online within seconds.  No more waiting for annual statements or being passed between departments on the telephone, leaving our client much more time to enjoy a paperwork free and hassle-free retirement.


Mr P – Derbyshire – Cautious Investments
– asked Phil Slater to assist on managing his money. The client had funds to invest for a 5-10 year period until re reached retirement.  He wanted to achieve better returns than bank/building society deposits, but without taking too much risk.

No problem Sir! Mr B regularly checks the value of his investment bond online using our secure website and should be delighted to see his investment has risen by 60% despite the uncertain and volatile times in which we live. In addition, the client enjoys a 10 year guarantee of the return of his original capital sum upon death, to provide additional peace of mind, sourced via our comprehensive whole of market research.


*Important Information
Past performance figures refer to information in the past and this information should not be seen as an indication of future performance.



Mr & Mrs N – Leek  –  value for money insurance review
– Mr + Mrs N were referred to us by existing clients to undertake a thorough review of  their pension and insurance arrangements.  They were confident that they had made adequate provision for life and critical illness but were shocked to find their cover was not really adequate.

They had purchased a policy from their bank when they took out their mortgage which included Critical Illness cover. However on closer inspection of the policy small print , only 7 illnesses were actually covered.  Mr and Mrs N were amazed when Slater Financial were able to provide an alternative plan that covered nearly 40 illnesses and yet was actually 24% cheaper than their original plan. What a difference !


Mr & Mrs B – Staffs – insurance review
– have just taken advantage of a free 90 minute financial review with Slater Financial and found it a real eye-opener.  Having over 30 years experience in the financial services industry working for a building society they thought their existing arrangements would have been both sufficient and cost effective.

However our initial research indicates this is not the case.  They have a number of policies covering life and critical illness taken over the years, but some of them are no longer consistent with their objectives and mortgage requirements. In addition, one of their policies only provides cover for 12 illnesses!.  Our research indicates that Slater Financial will be able to arrange a much more comprehensive insurance package for a longer term whilst also saving money on their existing policies (subject to medical underwriting of course).  Fingers crossed !!!


Mrs S – Shrewsbury  – Whole of life insurance/IHT plans
– had an existing Whole of life contract in place to help pay for Inheritance Tax that will eventually be due on her estate.  However her premiums were increasing by 17% per annum to maintain the level of cover required.  Despite the fact that the original plan was over 15 years old Slater Financial were able to obtain alternative cover that should save tens of thousands of pounds in monthly premiums based on the clients anticipated life expectancy.  That is a huge saving!


*Important Information
Tax treatment depends on the individual circumstances of the investor and may be subject to change in the future.

Levels, and bases of, and relief’s from taxation are subject to change and their value depends on the individual circumstances of the investor.

Depending on where you live and your own personal circumstances, your tax position may vary, so you should take local tax advice.  Please note that as every investor’s individual financial circumstances are likely to be different and that they are subject to change in the future we cannot give specific tax advice. We recommend investor’s seek professional advice on personal taxation matters.




MR G – Ashbourne  – House Purchase
was having difficulty obtaining a mortgage for his proposed new house purchase. He was referred to us by his company accountant for independent research and advice to obtain the best deals available.

After fully researching the whole of the market it became apparent that the best deal at the time was not available through brokers so Slater Financial recommended the client apply directly to the bank and assisted with the relevant paperwork, as this was in the best interest of Mr G.

However, we were still able to provide the most cost effective and comprehensive package for life and critical illness insurances in-house, so the new mortgage was fully protected.


Mr & Mrs P – High Peak – Debt Consolidation Remortgage
– were looking to consolidate a number of debts they had built up on credit cards and loans.  As they were homeowners with equity in their property, we considered a further advance with their existing lender, together with secured loans and remortgage options.

Using our independent research software Phil Slater was able to procure a superb remortgage for the clients, reducing their monthly outgoings by 40%.   Even better, as the remortgage recommended was a Bank Of England tracker, the mortgage rate further reduced and has now been stable at 0.99% for the last 3 years.  During this period, our clients monthly outlay has reduced by 91 % or over £2000 per month from their original position.  What an incredible deal and piece of advice.


Mr E – Staffordshire – Capital Raising Remortgage
– was looking to capital raise on his existing property and approached his existing lender. Although he had a good relationship with his bank they were unfortunately unable to help directly due to their lending policy, but the Area Bank Manager referred him to Slater Financial.  A couple of months later Mr C was able to proceed with his plans after completing on a superbly competitive capital raising remortgage deal sourced by our whole of market research software.


*Important Information
Think carefully before securing other debts against your home.  Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

There may be a fee for mortgage advice.  The precise amount of the fee will depend upon your circumstances but we estimate that it will be £300 on average.