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Julie Carter

3 Reasons to Get Professional Advice about Retirement

July 5, 2016

Whilst retirement is indeed the time to sit back, relax and enjoy, the years leading up to retirement are full of decisions, and getting the advice you need to make those confidently, with clarity and in your best interests is vital. Here at Slater Financial, just one of the personal services our dedicated team offer is retirement and pensions advice to Buxton based individuals, but why exactly should you seek independent financial advice about your retirement?

Get to grips with the latest rules

The rules affecting your pension pot are changing all the time, and with new legislation introduced in April 2015, knowing all you need to know about how you can access the money you have saved following retirement is particularly important. While the new legislative changes brought more freedom than ever before for those over 55, with new freedoms came more choice and more responsibility.

Approaching a pensions advisor in Buxton, whether it is the first time you’ve sought advice or you’re a regular, can help you make sense of the latest legislation affecting your pension savings.

Cut through the jargon

There are various terms that are commonly used when explaining your options as retirement approaches, but cutting through this jargon is integral to saving as much as you can for those golden years. Our advisors speak to you in a language you can understand leaving you to find a solution that suits.

Explore your options with confidence

Whether you would like to review your existing arrangement or are just starting out with a new pensions saving scheme, you can get started today and explore your options by contacting us for a free 90 minute consultation. Call 01298 212444 or email info@slaterfinancial.co.uk.

*This article does not constitute financial advice. Slater financial strongly advises you to seek professional advice before making any financial decisions.*